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Credit Card Size Tools

All the tools you need in an incredibly slim credit card case. We have great ones from Tool Logic as well as Swiss Army

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The Knife Center is the original cutlery catalog of the Internet and is the largest and easiest to use resource anywhere for quality discount knives, swords, kitchen products and related items. Using our many custom listings you can find the best selection anywhere of the products you are looking for. For a great general listing, please try our Index Page

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The Latest Cutlery NEWS
August 22, 2001

Outdoor Edge Folding Back Packing Saw is in stock

Timberline Knives has released their new Lightfoot designed combat fixed blade. It is an awesome knife with tapered tang and push button release sheath. The plain edge has arrived but the combo edge model isn't due until next year.


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Benchmade NEW Tether Knife

A great new neck knife from the masters of tactical blades

Visit the Shave Center for everything for shaving. From razors and Razor Strops to mugs and Brushes.

Photon Lights
Incredibly convenient and affordable small lights for your key ring, the Photon 2 series is available in a half dozen colors including Infra Red and Ultra Violet. Completely made in America.

Fantasy Knives
From Gil Hibben including the new SCORPION

Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
Hundreds of listings for thousands of products are available throughout the website. See our
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We have dozens of models for land clearing, camping and general purpose

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